Emma Carlos questions Bebe Cool’s importance to the industry

Renown talent manager Emma Carlos Mulondo made a scorching attack on Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool over the weekend as he questioned who bewitched the Gagamel boss.

Emma Carlos Mulondo’s attack on Bebe Cool came after he took to his socials and reasoned how the Gagamel boss has led to the unprofitability of Uganda’s music industry.

Mulondo’s post stressed how Bebe Cool, who is a very big influential stakeholder in Uganda’s music industry with unlimited access to the head of the state, has failed to communicate the challenges facing the industry to the president.

He went ahead to point out that Bebe instead just wastes a lot of time releasing weak and shallow lists of other performers something which is not beneficial to the music industry.

Kalifah AgaNaga’s former manager aired out his disappointment as he was comparing how Micheal Jackson’s family still earns from his music as yet the late Mowzey Radio’s family does not benefit anything from his craft.

Both Mowzey Radio and Micheal Jackson are Dead, May their Souls Rest In Peace.The Difference.Micheal Jackson’s Family still earns from his Musical Works however Radio’s Family doesn’t, many fans are going to consume his Music in this period but the Family wont get a penny, why because there is no clear system to track the consumption, these among many other challenges is the reason as to why a team of industry stakeholders with serious intentions are pushing Government to also give priority to this Sector.Our sector if well streamlined is capable of: i) generating its own revenue and contributing to the National GDP ii) absorbing a considerable percentage of unemployed Youth among so many other benefits.Its at this point where Bebe Cool is action at times perturb me, why?! a very big influential Stakeholder with almost unlimited access to the President but he is busy making shallow Lists instead of Listing Industry challenges (pun intended) Who bewitch You?!

Emma Carlos

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