My ex-lover used to call me stick woman – Ang3lina

For those that have been in several relationships in the past, there are always those few funny memories to be recalled.

Each person has at least the good, bad, and funny memories they shared with their loved ones and self-styled Ang3lina, real name Angela Nabufu, has a funny memory about how her past lover used to call her.

The ‘Drum Drum’ singer disclosed that her ex-lover used to call her ‘stick woman’ and when we searched for the meaning of the word, it wasn’t cool at all.

Sorry for the embarrassment you always had to go through with your ex-lover Angela. Her revelation comes after rumors making rounds of how she is now inseparable with DJ Roja.

If anything is true about their rumored relationship, this could be proof that the pair are enjoying each other’s company and she has moved on from her past lover.

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