On the 1st of November 2019, singer Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass tweeted revealing how he desperately wanted to meet the head of state because he had very urgent issues he wanted to discuss with him.

His wish did not come as soon as he might have desired and up to date, he hasn’t got the chance to meet the president.

While appearing on NTV THE BEAT show last evening, the ‘Nkwagala’ singer revealed that if he ever gets the chance to meet the fountain of honor, he would ask him to quit because he looks tired.

A Pass went on to express that the president has done some good works as some areas are more developed and as well hinted on how he himself needs to witness some change.

If I met the president, I would tell him to quit. He’s tired. You see, I really love the president but I know he’s tired. You know the president has done so much but he’s tired because it’s the fact. I would love to meet him and advise him to relax. Becuase he has done us so nice. The president has really shaped Uganda for the better. We are going somewhere, you know I can see there is development and all these things happening. There is some less development in some areas and more development in other areas but we are catching up. I think they have done well but he needs to get out and we see someone else get in and we what happens when someone else gets in. We need to see some change.

A Pass

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