Singer Angella Katatumba

Having been heavily trolled for making her condolence message to Kobe Bryant about herself, Angella Katatumba has roared back and branded people on social media as “illiterate, unemployed, angry, bitter, jealous and full of rage.”

On Sunday 26th January 2020, the world came together in mourning NBA legend Kobe Bryant who died, together with his 13-year-old daughter Maria Onore Bryant, in a chopper crash.

Ugandan celebrities were not left out as they sent their condolences through social media. As expected, most were trolled by their respective critics for sending condolences to a person they didn’t even know.

One of those that was heavily trolled is Angella Katatumba. In her tribute, Katatumba revealed that she got to like Kobe when she lived in Chicago and her husband then resembled the fallen NBA star.

The comment section on her Facebook post was filled with critics pointing out that she always makes everything about herself all in the name of seeking public sympathy and attention.

While appearing on Spark TV, the songstress had no kind words for those who didn’t believe that her tribute message was heartfelt but rather attention-seeking.

Katatumba noted that she doesn’t care much about what is said on social media because most people on these platforms are illiterate, unemployed, and full of rage and will abuse you regardless of what you do because of their situation.

It’s important to know that my ex-husband looked like Kobe.. The majority of people on social media are illiterate, unemployed, angry, bitter, jealous and full of rage because of their situation. Whatever you do, they will insult you.

I want to make it clear for social media people; I’ve never met Kobe. I do not know him (personally) but my ex-husband’s family used to say he looked like Kobe. That’s how I began to like and follow Kobe.

Angella Katatumba

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