I really wanted a battle with Sheebah but she chickened out – Cindy Sanyu

Up to date, singer Cinderella ‘Cindy’ Sanyu seems still deeply hurt by the fact that the TNS management team turned down her request to have a battle with Sheebah Karungi last year.

The ‘Boom Party’ singer who was performing at Fame Lounge on Monday night once again opened up on how she is still discontented about the self-styled music queens who got scared to battle her.

In a way to reignite the war for a battle, Cindy threw jabs at Sheebah and fellow female artists who claim to have dominated the music business for the last 4 or 3 years by daring them into a battle to see who is who.

I really wanted the battle to happen but then Sheebah and her team got scared of battling me.

Cindy Sanyu
Cindy agamba ye queen, Shebah alikubibye ne battle yagitya

Cindy sanyu agamba ye queen, Sheebah alikubibye ne battle yagitya

Posted by SEAN GUNN 256 on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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