Leila Kayondo: I’ve never paid to sing with Chameleone, I’m talented

Leila Kayondo has three collaborations with Jose Chameleone so far; Hooray, Relaxing, and Nyumirwa, and critics have it that she has had to fork large amounts of money to have him on the projects. She denies the allegations.

Is Leila Kayondo talented or not? That has been a question we have often come across with several critics pointing out that she is the luckiest female singer of our generation because her music somehow gains massive airplay despite her not being talented.

Others claims that she invests heavily into having collaborations with big stars and pays to have her songs played on media stations. The songstress rubbishes both theories as she maintains that she is just one talented diva.

While on an interview, Kayondo revealed that her new song with Chameleone is a good vibe song urging people to enjoy life and there is no hidden sexual meaning in the lyrics as believed by most critics.

She goes ahead to clear the air about the allegations that she paid the Leone Island boss to have him add his verses onto the song just like she has done with her past collaborations with the star.

One thing I want to make clear; I’ve never paid Chameleone any money to sing with me. He believes, and I know he knows I’m talented. He accepts to work with me because he knows I am talented. I know everyone that says I paid Chameleone, deep inside their hearts they know I am talented.

Leila Kayondo

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