Upcoming Tanzanian artiste threatens to sue Fille over Shs1m

For just over Shs1m, Ugandan songstress Fille Mutoni could be dragged to court by an upcoming Tanzanian singer known as Sharpen.

Sharpen is a new artiste in the music industry. Based in Tanzania, the singer has been making media tours in Uganda since last year with the help of Ugandan music promoters.

Having released his first song titled ‘Wathamani’, Sharpen contacted Fille to allow and jump onto a collaboration with him in his bid to establish a ground for his music in Uganda.

Fille, who had a good 2019 (musically), was not really interested in the collaboration and according to Sharpen’s sources, the Tanzanian’s management needed to Shs810,000 and later Shs150,000 for her to finally accept to be on the collaboration of the song dubbed ‘Hello’.

On top of that, Sharpen’s management was to cover all costs incurred in producing and promoting the song. They agreed to respect the agreement and they hit studio to record the song.

All payments, as agreed, were done and the song was recorded and released. Sharpen’s management claims that Fille asked them to pay for a music video which was to be done by Kazibwe Dante of Artmark Films.

It is revealed that Sharpen’s management listened to Fille’s advice and paid the money for the videoshoot and they were even given a date booked for the shoot to happen.

When the days to the videoshoot drew near, Fille became constantly unavailable as she always claimed that she was up and down, busy performing at different venues in and out of the country.

She however promised to be available at a later date in December 2019 and she has never communicated to Sharpen or his management since. She just went AWOL, something which has puzzled everyone.

As a way forward, Sharpen, through his management, wants to sue Fille in order to get their money back. They reveal that they have come up with the decision since Fille is not willing to repay the money.

In addition, they want the songstress to fund the costs they will incur in re-recording the song which Sharpen intends to scrap off her verses and release it as a Single.

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