I’m not dating girls shorter than me anymore – Ykee Benda

At the beginning of the year, singer Wycliff Tugume alias Ykee Benda cautioned fellow men to stay far away from unemployed girls without any reason as to why.

Though he did not defend his point, many of his fans were quick to point out how the festive season slay queens and holidaymakers had drained his pockets dry.

With all that said and accused of him, he has again bounced back with claims of how he will not be dating girls shorter than him anymore as of now his focus is on women taller than him.

Am done dating short girls…my woman has to be taller than me…!!!

Ykee Benda

Having publicly revealed how he won’t be dating girls of a height below his, some of his fans retweeted requesting him to try dating Nina Roz.

With his latest confession, let’s hope that he won’t find himself running back to girls of his height as he is not as tall as he brags.

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