The last time Clever J and Jose Chameleone met was around November 2009 when they fell out under unknown circumstances and each took his own direction.

A lot was reported about the pair’s disagreements as the rumors that dominantly spread were how Jose Chameleone had bewitched Clever J to fail musically.

The two reunited again during Thursday’s Comedy Store show where Clever J was lined up as one of the artists to entertain the comedy lovers.

Chameleone, who was not listed among the artists that were supposed to perform on the night, made it a must to attend the show.

When Clever J’s turn came to perform, Chameleone stormed the stage disguising as a fan while all decked in a black outfit, covering his head in a cap and started tipping the Manzi Wa Nani singer some cash.

As Chameleone was about to leave the stage, he put off his cap and to Clever J’s surprise, he saw his long time friend and brother whom he hadn’t seen in over 10 years ago.

The two artists left the stage in amusement and after a few seconds, Clever returned and went backstage to look for the Baliwa singer and returned while holding each other’s hands and hugging.

The crowd then started chanting out loud how they need Clever J and Chameleone to hit the studio for a collabo.

Interestingly, during a phone call interview with Radio Simba, Clever J stressed out how he does not need a collabo with Chameleone but rather wants a music battle with him.

I don’t need a music battle with Jose Chameleone. Me I want a music battle.

Clever J

Having Clever J decline to hit studios with Chameleone for a collabo, do you think the two artists should go in for a music battle?

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