NBS TV After 5 presenter MC Kats caused a hullabaloo when he openly told singer Lydia Jazmine not to ‘bang bang’ her manager Ronnie Mulindwa in a video on his Instagram account.

MC Kats made the statement jokingly after striking a performance gig with Lydia Jazmine’s manager on Valentine’s day celebrations.

The two decided to record a video of themselves while complimenting each other in a sweet and heart-melting way as they hugged to tighten their friendship.

In the video, MC Kats starts by joking how Jazmine is taller than him because of high-heels and thereafter compliments her beauty as Jazmine replies how he is also handsome.

Towards the end of the video, MC Kats asks Jazmine how Ronnie treats her and ends by begging her not to ‘bang bang’ him in a perverted way.

The Masuuka singer then quickly responded by trashing the claim as she asserted how Ronnie is a very professional manager, unlike other managers she has been with.

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