Jose Chameleone.

Leone Island Music Empire CEO Jose Chameleone for the first time went bare-knuckles over Gagamel boss Bebe Cool as he spilled all his secrets that the entertainment industry didn’t know about him.

During an interview with NBS TV UnCut, Chameleone spilled that for the so many years he has known Bebe Cool, he has always known him as a mean person who lacks respect for others.

He went ahead to add that Bebe Cool also loves to fail, undermine, and underlook other people’s efforts. He gave examples of how Bebe Cool tried to fail Radio but failed, he then beat him up while in Club Silk when Radio was still young.

Bebe Cool and Chameleone

Chameleone further exposed Bebe by revealing that he is always in a rage with artists. He also mentioned that he is pointing fingers at Pallaso before adding on his exchange with King Saha.

The fact that Bebe Cool gifted his manager and songwriter with cars is no news because have gifted cars to my close friends and brothers before but I didn’t do it before the camera’s. That was just a show off gesture.

The only good thing about it, is that he finally learnt to reward people who always do good. I’m saying this because since have known Bebe Cool from way back in 1996, he has always been a mean person. I think he learnt the act of rewarding his people from the president since he also gifted him a with a ride and some cash.

At this time in life, I would expect Bebe Cool to be satistfied and confident in life. In history, Bebe Cool tried to fail the late Mowzey Radio while he was still young. He even beat him up in Silk. Again you see him pointing fingers in Pallaso and now he is in rage with King Saha because he is a person who loves to undermine and underlook other people’s efforts for only selfish interests.


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