A few years ago, rumors made rounds on how Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool were set to face off in a musical battle.

The battle claims evaporated through the thin air as soon as they surfaced as some sources revealed that Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool chickened out to battle Chameleone who was very ready for it.

Over the weekend, Bebe Cool was once again questioned about the battle claims and his response was striking.

The Feeling singer bragged about how he is not a coward, emphasizing that he braved over a million people who pelted him with bottles. He went ahead to stress out that he can’t fear to battle a person who has no music.

I don’t want you to put words in my mouth to say that Bebe Cool is a coward. I a person who doesn’t fear a million people who pelted me with bottles then how can I fear someone who has no music. Please don’t put Chameleone on suicide watch.

Bebe Cool

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  1. musician has to be defined by his own talent. how can bebe cool be compared to jose chamili . there are musicians who are born to sing , in fact bebe cool has several song writers who help him in music industry there is noyhing left again the guy is like choir, there is difference btn jose and bebe cool ,

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