Local Dancehall/Ragga singer Sadat Mukiibi a.k.a Kalifah Aganaga is in trouble again this time for failure to meet his side of the bargain in a social media pages verification deal with top Digital Marketing Experts.

The blue tick on most Ugandan celebrities’ pages does not come easy as several go out of their ways to do whatever is possible to verify their social media platforms.

To speed up the process, and probably because some of them are unaware of how to request for the verification, most celebrities hire services from social media handlers and other Digital Marketing Experts to help them with the task.

A Digital Expert Scopion MC takes singer Hanson Baliruno through a few tips on social media handling.

This was the same case for Kalifah Aganaga who hired the services of Brand Empire – a small company that handles social media campaigns and other digital marketing procedures for a couple of celebrities across East Africa.

According to the news gathered by this website, Kalifah Aganaga met up with Brand Empire when they presented themselves with fresh and exciting ideas of how they can help him acquire blue badges on his social media platforms.

His Facebook and Instagram accounts were to be managed, verified and monetized in a deal which the two parties agreed would cost $1000 (about UGX 3.7m), with $500 going for each of the two platforms.

Kalifah Aganaga

Reportedly, Kalifah also agreed to pay 30% of the revenues collected from his YouTube channel if the monetization process was executed properly. This too was agreed upon in a gentleman’s agreement the two parties held in 2019.

Of all the above agreed payments, Kalifah Aganaga only managed to pay Shs 270,000 (about USD 73.5) and according to a source inside Brand Empire, the singer declined paying the rest of the money.

On further inquiry, Kalifah went ahead and told the digital experts to go and report the matter to police and if they really wanted, to tussle it out with him in court.

As expected, the accounts were hacked into and repossessed from the singer who only realized this when he released a video for his new song dubbed ‘Bulaya’ and couldn’t promote it on his pages.

In a wrangle that is still ongoing, Kalifah Aganaga threatens to teach the digital experts a lesson they will never forget if they do not return his primary emails and release his accounts.


He actually asked them to scrap their verification blue badges off his accounts if they wish because he doesn’t need them anymore but he wants his accounts back.

Brand Empire has also vowed not to release the accounts until the singer meets his promises which were agreed on mutual consent without any documentation.

Wherever this goes, we hope it ends well. We shall keep you updated on the issue.

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