Media personality Jonathan Nalebo thinks that Rema Namakula should put her hubby, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya out of the limelight for sometime before their marriage gets ruined.

Nalebo made the statements while appearing on NBS KURT show after Rema Namakula invited her husband Dr. Ssebunya on stage in a sweet and enticing way that sparked wild cheers at her ‘Clear Live’ concert that was held on Friday night at Hotel Africana.

The Rolex Festival event organizer went on to reveal how he highly thought that Rema was a very private person when she declined to respond to questions concerning her ex-lover Kenzo.

He also added that he thought that once she would get done with her marital ceremonies, she would put Dr. Ssebunya out of the limelight but so far it’s not yet the case.

After her superb and colorful show, Rema was seen stopping journalists from taking interviews from her hubby as she politely asked them to stop doing so before she could change to her true colors.

For quite long, have been following Rema as a private woman because the media has been asking her about Kenzo’s issues and always kept silence. In fact, I thought that once she gets done with her marital ceremonies, she would put Dr. Ssebunya out of the public but it has not been the case as yet. You know, when your living a normal and boom your into fame and making headlines that’s when Hamza will start thinking that he better than Rema. And the end result will be tears for Rema.

Jonathan Nalebo

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  1. Well said Jonathan. It’s one thing to be happy and in love. It’s also ok for the ceremony to have been in the public because she is a public good as all musicians are. Without the public, they would have no careers but to expose your husband in that way, especially when he was not a public figure before is a recipe for disaster. Clearly Rema has not learnt anything from other celebrity relationships locally, regionally and internationally. Only time will tell.

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