Out with the old and in with the new, the self-styled queen of gossip Zahara Totto shifts men like gears of an automatic vehicle. Having swept Big Papa aside, she has reportedly moved onto a new man whom we have a scoop about.

Living in the limelight requires a heart of steel, one that will not break just because of the words people say. If Zahara Totto didn’t have that, she would be long gone away from the public to settle in a life full of privacy.

The NBS TV and NXT Radio presenter however seems very welcoming of the attention media and the public accords her and is never shy to throw her private life at the center of public judgment.

Her love-life has never been stable since time immemorial and despite recently revealing how she was finally ready to settle in marriage with Don Solomon a.k.a Big Papa, the two broke up as soon as they got closest to each other.

It is said that Don Solomon ran bankrupt and Zahara saw no need of keeping up with a broke man hence allegedly moving on into a new relationship with a her friend identified as Reuben Robert.

A quick look at Zahara’s social media accounts leaves you jealous with photos and videos of her living a lavish lifestyle with trips and short vacations across the world. She was recently on vacay in Mombasa with her family. It is believed that she is being financed by her alleged new boyfriend.

According to information gathered, Reuben Robert is the owner of the University of Pain Fitness Foundation and has shares in a local sports betting company.

It is rumored that the two have been seeing each other on the low since 2018 and they have appeared at several public gatherings together holding hands including the Blankets and Wine event in December.

The rumors are still sketchy and speculative however with other sections of critics ruling out the possible relationship citing that Reuben could be a family friend of the media personality.

Don Solomon showered Zahara with lots of cash and brand new BMW car that never lived to be seen again but she still left him. We wonder how long she will last in her new said relationship with Reuben.

We’ll keep our eyes open.

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