Over the past few weeks, word has been spreading on different social media platforms claiming how Jeff Kiwa had forced Sheebah Karungi out of her Munyonyo mansion.

A lot of accusations and rumors of how the two are not in good terms have been made. In a video where MC Kats claims that Jeff Kiwa can’t take Sheebah’s mansion, he emphasizes that the pair just have a misunderstanding.

MC Kats goes on to maintain how Jeff Kiwa is a very good person once you are good to him adding that he treats everyone the way he treats him.

He also explained how he clearly knows that Jeff Kiwa can’t take Sheebah’s mansion by stressing how he has a clean heart, unlike the way some people portray his image in public.

MC Kats revealed that he got pissed as he was listening to a Sanyu FM’s radio presenter stating how Jeff had forced Sheebah out the Munyonyo crib.

Sometimes I get so crazy pissed. I know there is a lot that is going on between Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa. But one thing that the world has never known is that managers sacrifice a lot to see you shine. They could kill or do anything to see you shine. One thing that I clearly know is that Jeff can’t take Sheebah’s mansion. He does not have that heart. When Jeff loves you, he loves you. They must be having a misunderstanding that I don’t know. Most of you regard Jeff as a bad person but trust me I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. He can’t steal anybody’s work that he has worked for. All I know Jeff ever needs is give me my share. Give me what have worked for. Jeff Kiwa is a clean heart. You people stop spoiling that man’s heart. He will pay you the way the pay him. He will love you the way you love him. He can’t take Sheebah’s home.

MC Kats

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