Abryanz takes a selfie in the “dress” designed by Peter Woodward.

Known to be the proprietor for the Abryanz Collection, Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) and a role model to many fashion lovers as well as Fashionista, Ahumuza Brian never seems to stop his flame.

Some Ugandans may not find his sense of style interesting but we must say he is here and here to stay. Oh yeah! We said it. His sense of style is not far-fetched for he picks his sense of style from the forever legendary fashionistas such as Pharrell Williams, Kanye west among others.

Away from that, he strikes again in a dress designed by Peter Woodward. We must say he looks good in it – but Ugandans have their opinions concerning the daring and fashionable Abryanz. We are not here for negativity, however, but to only say Fashion is Freedom.

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. Ahumuza Brian as a fashionista seems to understand this statement in plenty for he has mastered how to switch up on that fashion menu and we must say we are here for it.

Pictures courtesy of Ahumuza Brian.

(Compiled with the help of Kitahgwe: Entertainment & Fashion Lover)

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