Rema Namakula’s husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya has finally revealed that being in the limelight has had effects on his profession as a doctor as people book appointments just to see him even when they are not sick.

Having decided to settle in marriage with one of the most trending female celebrities in the country, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya must have been briefed about the life he was signing up for.

A few months into his new highly publicized life, the soft-spoken Ssebunya is facing an overflow of clients at his hospital some of whom even visit just to meet the man who married Rema in person.

Ssebunya revealed all this during an interview with NBS TV which caught up with him at Rema’s Valentine’s Day concert held at Hotel Africana.

As you would expect, he was asked about what life has been since he got married to a celebrity and what he thinks of his wife’s job. Here is what he had to say about that:

I cannot criticize my wife’s job because that’s where she generates an income. I support her and there’s no problem with that.

Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya

When asked if the life in the limelight has had any effects on his life, Ssebunya revealed that he is as comfortable as he has ever been because he prepared his body and mind for all that is happening now.

The freshly graduated Doctor in Human Medicine and Surgery continued to reveal that he has not been stressed by the negativity on social media because he is a person that welcomes negative feedback since it makes him better.

I’m one person who loves negativity and I’ve not faced any hardship with this because negativity helps you to push forward.

Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya

Several critics have had it in the recent past that being in the limelight and at the center of criticism has had adverse effects on Ssebunya’s professional job as a medical doctor. He does not fully rule out the claims.

I’m one person who puts professionalism ahead of everything. Well, it (the situation at work) can never be the same and the flow of patients is always big on my side but I have nothing to do about that. I love what I’m doing and I have no problem whatsoever with it.

At the end of the day, yes, it has it’s own effects as people get excited. Some come (to hospital) when they’re not sick but just come to see me but these are our people. I can’t stay away from it.

Dr. Hamzah Ssebunya

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