As we draw nearer to 2021, every Ugandan is expressing their knowledge as far as politics is concerned and therefore standing by the different politicians and their ideologies. A Pass says that there’s nothing wrong with supporting Museveni.

Singer Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass has often appeared in support of a few ideologies passed by People Power leader Bobi Wine. A Pass was instrumental and at the frontline during the demonstrations against OTT in 2019. The protests were led by Bobi Wine.

Raymond Mujuni, Bobi Wine and A Pass during the demonstrations against the OTT tax.

A Pass however later denied being part of those protests saying people had only photoshopped his face into the images that made rotation on social media. Well, maybe he was just joking…he was just being the A Pass that we know.

His latest backing of those supporting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will however raise a few eyebrows but he has valid reasons to back his statements.

The Kigenda Kola singer believes that every politician should be held accountable when they don’t fulfill their obligations and promises. He is against people being loyal to political parties because that only blinds them against holding the politicians accountable when they fail to execute their duties.

If you are loyal to a political party or politician that is not doing good by you and many others or plans to do, you need to remember that this is not a football team like man U or Arsenal, that you love win, lose or draw, this is real life and politics has real implications on your life and many others.

A Pass

He urges Ugandans to stop throwing bottles at those supporting Museveni because they are not the problem but rather focus their attention on the political leaders who haven’t done much for the country.

A Pass goes ahead to point out how Museveni as an individual has been blamed for the failure of so many systems in the country yet there are several other leaders that have failed to execute their roles and hence causing collapse of the system as well.

He further points out how people in leadership positions have received the funds needed to better the country but they have used the money inappropriately. He questions how the blame is put unto the person that gives the money rather than the people who misuse the funds.

How do we grow when big chunks of money are given to a selected few to enhance their lives because they support a political party when many kids can’t get education and teachers who helped grow the nation with education are striking from time to time among other sectors that are not working smoothly due to lack of funds? Now, do we have a problem with, the person who is given the Money or the person who is giving them the money?

A Pass

Below is A Pass’ message in full:

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