Fed up of being disrespected for too long, former Goodlyfe manager Kyagambidwa Geoffrey a.k.a Chagga a.k.a Big Papa is set to return to the stage very soon.

The Woligwa Wendigwa singer opened up about his 2020 plans of returning to stage in an interview as he spoke about the many things that he has done for the local music industry but has not been appreciated like he deserves to be.

During his speech, Chagga bragged about how he is Uganda’s music general and a kingmaker. He went ahead to disclose that ever since he quit stage performances, people have been under-looking him because his past works were not documented.

So, this year, Chagga has set his sight on being more active musically and he looks forward to seeing his works documented so as to have some respect put on his name.

Chagga is known for having introduced and done a lot of creative music work for Ugandan top artists like Jose Chameleone, Mowzey Radio, among others but has only received recognition from a few.

Chagga’s statements come after the late Mowzey Radio’s brother Frank Ssekibogo blasted him by calling him a failure in music before he went on to label him as a ‘bedbug’.

Frank Ssekibogo’s comments were not sweet music in Chagga’s ears but chose to keep a deaf ear since he is the only one who knows how he hustled with Radio to become a legend in the music industry.

Chagga and Henry Tigan teamed up to form a new band called ‘Troops Band’ and last Wednesday, the pair put up a great show at Vegas Chill Out bar.

I’m the music general. I’m the kingmaker. So why don’t I show the nation what I got in the tank. Music generations have been changing since I last performed on stage.

So, I’ve to show this new music generation that I’m one of the people that they have never seen or one of the unsung heroes in Uganda’s music industry. I’ve to show people what I have. I’ve been disrespected for long. Have done a lot for this industry. So when I sit down back at home and watch, I think about things.

I have family and people who have been watching me from day one who always tell me brother you did this and that but why doesn’t the world know about your deeds.

You know back in the day, things were not documented, so that means that I have to do them practically in this era of documentation so that they can see them practically. Just because whatever I did was not practical but only a few people like Mowzey Radio used to talk about them but they never took him so serious till his death.


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