Husky voiced singer Clever J has claimed that he was just kidding when he publicly requested a music battle with Jose Chameleone about two weeks ago.

Clever J, real name Gerard Muwonge, first dared the Leone Island Music Empire CEO for a music battle while on a phone call interview on a local radio station just a day after putting up a spirited performance at Comedy Store Uganda.

He thereafter went to other media platforms and openly revealed how he was ready to battle Chameleone and in one of the interviews, he was also seen kicking Pallaso out of his conversation with Jose Chameleone.

When Clever J’s request for a battle reached the Baliwa singer, he swiftly forwarded Clever J to battle with the likes of Lil Pazo something that bitterly pissed off the Genda Ogule Emotoka fame singer.

In due process, Lil Pazo was also seen giving Chameleone an ultimatum of five days to apologize to him after noting that he can’t battle Clever J and labeling him a ‘mad person’.

We usually talk about music battles when we are joking. However, the truth is that fans are the one’s who requested for the music battle. In fact, I often use it to get the other persons opinion but in a joking way. Truthfully speaking I can’t battle Chameleone because he has very many songs yet I only have a handful of songs. For a battle I can’t handle him but we can work on a collabo.

Clever J

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