Over the weekend, there were reports that circulated like a wild fire about socialite Ali Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan being in jail after allegedly beating his girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba to pulp for cheating.

The rumor was started by popular Facebook user Ritah Kaggwa who claimed that God’s Plan had been thrown into the coolers at Jinja Road Police Station on Saturday night after beating his girlfriend.

Well, the reports spread way too quick but none of the involved parties said a word in relation to the allegations. They only made the rumors believable by deleting each other’s photos off their personal Instagram accounts.

God’s Plan went extra as he abandoned the ‘God’s Plan’ name and rebranded his Instagram to Marcus Ssempija. This would only mean that he was furious and does not want to associate with Gashumba anymore.

Despite the rumors, there were doubts about the truth of the matter with several critics noting that Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan are attention seekers who have often pulled similar stunts before just to appear in several tabloids.

There have also been rumors that Sheilah Gashumba entirely runs the God’s Plan (now Marcus Ssempija) Instagram account and that she just wanted to make everything believable.

On Monday evening, Marcus shared a video of himself in a car with Sheilah Gashumba holding his arm, appearing to be drunk in love. He captioned it; “Hater Rest In Peace.


The video has gone viral as people claim that Sheilah Gashumba is head over heels for Marcus and even after being beaten, it must have taken a few convincing words and flowers to get her back in his life.

Others claim that she was never beaten and it was just a stunt to have the attention to themselves. In the video posted, they look very fine and Sheilah doesn’t have any injuries as earlier claimed.

The last cause of doubt, however, is about when this video was recorded. It shows Gashumba with blonde hair yet the latest photos on her socials show her with black long hair. Even with that however, there’s a question of wigs having come into play in this whole scenario.

The truth might never be revealed until Gashumba comes out to reveal her side of the story but we really hope she is fine. We’ll leave the rest to you.

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