Having officially quit Golden Band a few days ago, Carol Nantongo was asked to reveal the reasons why she decided to go solo after a successful career with the band and she couldn’t hold her tears back as she narrated.

Carol Nantongo is now a household name in Uganda’s music industry and boasts fans from different classes. The message in her music and her unforgettable performances have won her a good following.

With songs like Tukigale (feat. Eddy Yawe), Silwana (feat. Sheebah), Bitafutafu, Ontuuka (feat. Hilderman), Jangu among others, Nantongo has managed to elevate her brand to an admirable level.

With all the stardom however, the songstress is too hungry for more and she believes that she will not achieve her dreams if she stays in a band setting which limits her performances.

Speaking to Lord Kaiyz of NBS TV, Nantongo became emotional as she revealed the reasons why she decided to quit Golden Band after all these years.

I started thinking about it at the beginning of last year. Even before starting to sing, I wanted to be a solo artist. Catherine Kusasira handed me over to KT Promotions and Dr. Hilderman suggested that I join band music since he was also in a band.

The main reason (why I quit) is that seriousness has been lacking. My bosses are already popular people and I was the young artiste who was just commencing my career. There have been several young artistes who later left the band but I stayed working hard.

My bosses have their businesses and even without doing music, they can still make money. Me as Carol Nantongo, I do not have that yet I have a family that I take care of including my mother and siblings.

Carol Nantongo

Some people make music and they’re probably doing well in their families, some do it for fun but I do music knowing that it has raised me to this level and has improved my family’s well-being.

When I sat down with KT, I told him why I wanted to quit the band. I wanted to be booked more like other artistes who have hit songs and are busy working. People think the band is working but it is dormant since my bosses have succeeded in their careers. I am still hungry for more.

Carol Nantongo

The songstress went on to acknowledge the contribution that her former band has added towards her success thus far and thanked them for all their efforts.

Going forward, Nantongo plans to start a solo music career and she is positive going in for her new challenge. She also reveals that the band had been labeled a political group and she doesn’t want to be looked at as a political influencer.

I cannot be swindled right now. I am a grown up who knows what she wants in life. Whatever decision you take in life, it either pushes you forward or drags you down but I leave that to God.

Politics isn’t gonna ruin my career and if the band has been branded political, let me leave and start something else because I don’t want to be looked at as political.

Carol Nantongo
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