CEO Super FM, Pastor Simon Peter Sematimba disclosed that when his results of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) were released indicating that he had scored 13 points, he thought he had failed.

The Busiro County South Member of Parliament went on to explain that when he first saw his results, he got frightened thinking that he had failed because he wasn’t seeing the A’s and B’s that he is used to scoring in academics.

He also confessed how he was not familiar with Uganda’s kind of S.6 grading something that put him under panic when his results returned as he was only seeing D’s and subsidiary passes on his result slip.

The Busiro South MP lawmaker also revealed that he pursued the A-Level results slip with an intention to put an end to the ongoing allegations that he lacks qualifications for a parliamentary seat.

On top of securing A-Level academic qualifications, Pastor Sematimba also added that he spent a whopping UGX 350 million in the Courts of laws trying to settle his parliamentary seat cases.

He concluded thanking God for having granted him results that did not shame him though they are not what he had wished to get.

I thank God for having scored 13 points in my S.6 finals. But truthfully speaking, I wasn’t well conversant with Uganda’s kind of senior six grading.

When I saw those results, In my first reaction I got scared that I had performed poorly. This is because I never saw any A’s but saw I a B,and of course subsidary passes which indicated that I performed well.

However, I first got frightened because I’m only used to scoring A’s, B’s, and on rare cases when I get C’s, I even complain a lot. So I was really scared but latter on when I saw the feed back that I was getting from my friends, fans, and family was all postive as they congratulated me for having excelled.

I’m glad of the results that came out though there not the ones that I personally really fancied but am thankful to God that I scored results that did not ashame me.

Peter Sematimba

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