Recent days have had it that Bruno K is in love with NTV Uganda news anchor and Mwasuze Mutya host Faridah Nakazibwe. The singer has finally confirmed that he has deep feelings for her.

Bruno Kigundu a.k.a Bruno K seems to get more confused as days go by and he is unsure of his love life. Recently, the singer revealed that he can never date a celebrity because he can’t handle the pressure that comes with it.

His revelations were, however, followed up with rumors that he was romantically involved with Faridah Nakazibwe. None of them denied the claims and consequently, Bruno K was hosted on Nakazibwe’s show last week.

On the show, there was some sort of chemistry as both seemed shy of being on set together. Bruno made it clear that he adored the TV host and even sang a song for her.

Even then, not many people believed what they saw and kept on calling it a matter of just showbiz. During an interview with Denis Duke, Bruno K expressed his feelings for Faridah Nakazibwe.

Faridah is beautiful, any man would really want to crush on her or have feelings for her. She’s beautiful and intelligent, who would fail to crush on a woman like that?

Bruno K

When further asked whether he has a crush on Faridah, Bruno K had no hesitation in affirming what most people have been claiming in the recent past.

I will say yes, I do. Because if I say no people are still not going to believe it.

Bruno K

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