Cindy Sanyu has disclosed one of her most kept deep secret with Sheebah as she reveals that she wrote the TNS singer’s first-ever song dubbed ‘Ngenda Kunyenyeza’ at the time she chose to go solo after her stint with The Obsessions.

Until we get done with the Boom Party concert, the Cindy Sanyu – Sheebah Karungi series will continue appearing on our timelines as trending stories within the local entertainment scene.

Cindy Sanyu stresses that Sheebah was her very close friend but they fell out because their music was always conflicting hence creating the need for the battle on stage which has eventually escalated into enmity.

The Total Satisfaction singer maintains that Sheebah clearly acknowledges how bad and hot she is because she found when she was already a big star in the system and her music was doing great.

Cindy Sanyu furthermore explained that holding her concert at Cricket Oval is not trying to prove a point to Sheebah but rather doing it for herself.

I’m not doing this to prove Sheebah. I am doing this for me. I was here way before her. Even when she started, I was there for her because I wrote her first song titled ‘Ngenda Nkunyenyeza’.

She knows it that I’m good. We just fell out because our music had started to battle and all the time you would hear people comparing our music. So that escalated into a conflict of interest.

Cindy Sanyu

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