Musicians King Saha and Cindy Sanyu have joined voices to defend fellow artiste Pallaso after being attacked by Hon. Kato Lubwama who said that the events that befell him while in South Africa were a mere stunt.

A few weeks ago, TGM singer Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso sent his fans into panic and fear when he recorded a video of himself after allegedly being beaten by Xenophobes in South Africa.

Rubaga North MP Hon. Kato Lubwama appeared in a video where he revealed that Pallaso was just playing a ‘stupid and silly’ stunt, very typical of most local musicians lately.

Pallaso then followed the event with a video in which he labeled the Rubaga North MP as a stupid man. Cindy Sanyu and King Saha have also defended Pallaso saying that what befell him couldn’t have been a stunt because Xenophobia still exists in S.A.

First, what happened to Pallaso is a bad thing. I’ve been to South Africa and I know the behaviors of the people there. I think Hon. Kato didn’t really scrutinize the situation before speaking but I feel sorry for Pallaso.

King Saha

Cindy Sanyu was as well asked to give her view on Kato Lubwama’s statements and she also sided with Pallaso and King Saha saying that Kato Lubwama didn’t reason before making the statements.

It’s easy for someone who wasn’t at the midst of the situation to judge. Just like Saha said, everyone has their own way of understanding things. It’s not like we have not seen this Xenophobia issues, they really exist and we know that those people are violent people.

So if someone comes out and explains exactly what happened and even shows you the wounds, you can’t say it didn’t happen. Why does a person in Uganda argue that it didn’t happen? I want everyone to understand Pallaso, if you don’t have proper information about it then shut up.

Cindy Sanyu

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