Renown Ugandan Model, Socialite, and Kabareebe Models For Charity CEO Doreen Kabareebe returned to the country after years of working abroad. She has settled in well and her foundation is picking up speed.

Kabareebe Models For Charity is an NGO through which Kabareebe sells merchandise with profits going for charity for the needy. The foundation also visits slums and provides hope and financial support to the poor.

We had a one-on-one chat with Kabareebe about her lifestyle, work, relationships, and what she thinks of Women’s Day. Catch the full interview below:

MBU – Hi Doreen. How are you?

D.K – Hi.

MBU – What are you up to lately? We know about the charity but you have been marketing bar nights too. Tell us about that.

D.K – Am on ground this year to run the charity organisation efficiently. Yes, I am into marketing events as well. I am working with Gareth Onyango.

MBU – How has your return to Ugandan soil impacted your life?

D.K – My return has impacted me positively as I can do things myself. I’ve always been cheated a lot in my absence. Now that am doing things myself, am kind of saving a lot.

MBU – How has the reception been so far?

D.K – Reception is so far so good.

MBU – How far have people embraced your brand?

D.K – People have embraced my brand to a larger extent. It excites me to see people consuming the charity items in big numbers. I feel good when I see people feeling for the needy. There are lots of people out there that want to help but have no means through which they can do that.

So, my charity brand has been embraced well. I strictly model for charity and my girls strictly sell items for charity though we will be provide ushering services as well at a good fee. Everything we do is for charity, our sole aim is to give back to the community.

MBU – Since returning to Uganda, what has your perception on charity in Uganda been? Have Ugandans embraced the concept of giving back to the needy?

D.K – Am glad many people are giving back to community. I have met a few philanthropists as well and will work with some of them. I realized people are always willing to give back though some do not know which procedures to follow.

MBU – Have you worked with or received support from any celebrities on your cause? Name them please and how it made you feel:

D.K – I have lots of them contributing towards the good cause. Am not mentioning names. And of course, it makes me feel good. I just love to see people giving back. Once I see one person helping another, trust me that is enough for me.

MBU – Doesn’t your past life interfere in your current noble cause? If so, how?

D.K – We have to learn to embrace the past with joy. God cannot open new doors if you do not embrace your past. No one is defined by their past, only those that choose to remain in the past end up being affected. Remember, we will all die so one must accept whatever happened and move on with life. That’s how we make this world a better place.

MBU – You had a sort of beef with a famous blogger Raymond Soulfa a.k.a Peng Peng when he released a video saying you were struggling with life and stuck in Dubai as a waitress. How much did that video affect your life?

D.K – The Peng Peng video saying I was a waitress made me kind of uncomfortable as I was trying to keep out of the public eye to achieve my goal. It ceased with time but am still here.

Raymond isn’t a bad person though. He had his own reasons why he made such a video about me during the time which is totally OK because being negative about someone never stops them from reaching their God-given destiny. Positivity makes this world a better place for all of us to be comfortable in it. It’s always good to be human

MBU – You had a new photo shoot and these photos are trending like hot cake. What’s it about them?

D.K – Haha! People are just surprised am looking better that I was years ago. Ain’t you surprised yourself?

MBU – No, I’m not. (laughs)

D.K – Hahaha, you are.

MBU – The case of nudity and raunchy photos keeps coming back and being a top aspect of your personal brand. Isn’t there worry that it will have a negative impact on your foundation?

D.K – As I said before, no one should define another person by their past. No one is perfect, it’s not like I killed anybody. People make mistakes and it’s what makes us grow.

Nothing can affect my brand. These are two different things. My brand is to better the community. If you affect it negatively then you are affecting the people we are giving back to hence affecting God, not me.

MBU – What is your say on Women’s Day? How do you celebrate it and what’s the importance of the day in your life?

D.K – I don’t really celebrate these things because they change nothing. It’s like celebrating Independence Day, the day will end and we will move on with life as it has always been. What I know is that every person is special and emancipation has taken over today which is a very good thing. Happy Women’s Day to all women out there, regardless.

MBU – That said, would you consider yourself a feminist?

D.K – To some extent. I don’t even like the Women’s Day concept because it makes women look so inferior. By the way, when is Men’s Day? Let me not be stubborn (smiles).

MBU – Men’s day is everyday (laughs)

D.K – Hahahaha.

MBU – There was a sad moment after you lost your father. How did you deal with that blow?

D.K – We are all visitors in this world and we will all die whether we like it or not. Good thing, he did enjoy his life while he was alive. All the children are already independent. We are all educated and have to face the world. Some of us know how to hustle and am glad we are all doing well.

MBU – You’re into events marketing and as you said earlier, you’re working with Gareth Onyango. How is the experience to be working with a soon to be Buganda Royal?

D.K – It is a normal experience. I was working with him since the Rouge days. He is still the same calm person he used to be.

MBU – How is your boyfriend?

D.K – These are things I keep personal. I don’t discuss my relationships (smiles).

MBU – That should mean he is fine, right?

D.K – I never discuss these things.Will start discussing such when I get married.

MBU – This year is gonna have several weddings, it seems.

D.K – We will discuss this when I get married.

MBU – (Cheeky smile) All the best. Please invite us when you do.

D.K – No problem.

MBU – Any last words for your followers and fans?

D.K – They should know that in school we learn a lesson before we take the test while in real life we take the test before we learn the lesson. Stop defining people by their past. No one lives there. If you want something in life, persistence is key.

MBU – That will be all for now. Thank you for speaking to us. See you soon.

D.K – Thanks for your time.

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