Following an incident in which renown city emcee MC Kats appeared in a video recorded by a one Faith Ntaborwa who claimed that they were just from having sex, Sheilah Gashumba believes MC Kats has been judged unfairly.

Each time something happens at the hands of a man, the internet is quick to say, “men are trash” but the story is different when it’s women who have caused the trouble.

MC Kats is getting a lot of stick from social media as the video keeps spreading but who is to blame? MC Kats appears tired and sleepy, very unaware that the girl is recording the video.

Faith Ntaborwa

For those in support of Kats also want to understand the motive behind which the girl decided to record the video. Sheilah Gashumba believes the girl has not been criticized enough yet MC Kats would have been getting all the trolls had it been him behind the camera.

If Mc Kats had recorded that video, the whole Uganda would be bashing him!! But since it’s a lady recording a very disturbing video, nothing horrible is being said about her very annoying behavior!! Urgh!! Y’all are quick to say men are evil but wtf was that?

Sheilah Gashumba |Twitter

In that same trait, local comedian Patrick Salvado also noted that there would be too much noise online had it been MC Kats who had recorded the video but everyone is now looking for ways of justifying the woman’s actions.

Do you believe that men have been judged unfairly as the two celebrities claim?

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