Bad Character Records chief, Kalifah AgaNaga has threatened to trim off Bebe Cool’s son, Allan Hendrik’s dreadlocks following their clash at a night hangout.

The rift is reported to have got underway when Allan Hendrik Ssali bitterly attacked AgaNaga while threatening him to stop ill talking about his dad.

The two almost traded punches but were quickly separated by bouncers before the situation turned messy.

After the raucous, while speaking in an interview, AgaNaga stung Allan Hendrik as he warned him that he will trim off his dreadlocks if he ever tempers with him again.

He went ahead to blast the upcoming singer how he is not a beggar like his dad, before adding how Allan Hendrik is a failure in music as well as a person who has no brains even academic wise.

I advise you to grow up, I just forgave him today because I have gone through that stage of my life. However, next time I will trim off those dreadlocks of your’s you brag around with and take you back to your father to teach you manners.

First of all I’m not even a beggar like your dad. You should even go back to school and finish with your academics since your a mummy’s boy but the problem is that you’re dense in class as well.


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