Kato Lubwama has often come out to criticize musicians as illiterate.

Pallaso might have forgiven Hon. Kato Lubwama for saying that his story about how he nearly met his death in South Africa was a mere stunt but the singer’s mother is not ready to forgive the Rubaga North MP.

A few weeks ago, Pallaso almost lost his life after allegedly being attacked by Xenophobes in South Africa. His story was countered by several other theories claiming that the TGM singer was telling a lie.

Among those who doubted Pallaso’s story was Hon. Kato Lubwama who said that the singer had been dormant for a while and wanted something to bring him back to the limelight hence the whole scenario.

Recently, Kato Lubwama revealed that he is friends with Pallaso’s father Mr. Gerald Mayanja but it’s something Mrs. Prossy Mayanja cannot comprehend especially the fact that the same person is saying cruel things about their son.

She cautioned the public to always take what artistes say serious because it has constantly become a norm to downplay their revelations with conclusions that they are always looking for stunts.

That has become a norm amongst Ugandans. Whatever happens they say it’s a stunt. As any other ordinary parent, if my friend’s child gets a problem, I would rush to go to their comfort because I also become their parent as well.

Many people called us sending comforting messages but Kato Lubwama didn’t. We only saw him on TV saying that Pallaso was acting up and nothing had happened to him. One day someone will die under similar circumstances.

Mrs. Prossy Mayanja

Mrs. Mayanja then gave the scenarios when her younger son AK47 died and he couldn’t even talk to them to reveal the cause of his death unlike Pallaso who has had a chance to reveal how he nearly met his death.

When AK47 died, we found him on a stretcher and he couldn’t even say a word. We cried so much asking God to at least give us a few final minutes with him so that he could tell us what had happened. It wasn’t possible but Pallaso is alive and he has told us what happened and we were extremely lucky that he wasn’t murdered.

Mrs. Prossy Mayanja
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