Weasel: I deserve to be remembered as a Legend like Radio and AK47

Weasel Manizo, real name Douglas Seguya Mayanja, believes that he has build a lasting legacy through his music and deserves to be remembered as a legend just like AK47 and Mowzey Radio.

Uganda has music greats in the likes of the late Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew and former Leone Island singer AK47 (RIP). Their impact and music were felt and appreciated by numerous fans across the world.

The two left legacies and their lives are still celebrated to-date, something which remaining Goodlyfe singer Weasel believes he deserves as well.

Weasel spoke to press during the tribute concert held for the late AK47 at Nican Resort on Sunday and during an interview with NBS TV he revealed that he has done quite well for the industry and has no doubt that he will be remembered.

Furthermore, Weasel was asked about his own legacy and how he would love to be remembered if his time on earth comes to and end. He revealed that just like AK47 and Radio, he deserves to be remembered like a legend.

I remember him (AK47) for being obedient. In our family we are so stubborn, we also know that but he was so calm, loving and such a great Ragga singer. Rest In Peace Akay.

I want to be remembered as a legend just like they remember all the good guys like Radio and AK47. I know I deserve to be remembered like that.


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