Gagamel International CEO Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has called upon the head of state H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to take a more serious step towards the prevention of Coronavirus.

According to Bebe Cool, it’s time to lock-down all border points and airports completely and as well give Ugandans a week to prepare for national residential lockdown.

He went ahead to state that the army should swing into action to enforce guided movements among family members while accessing shops, markets or shops around the country.

Below is Bebe Cool’s full advice to the president:

My advice to the president of the republic of UGANDA. It’s time to go to step 2, LOCKDOWN ALL BORDER POINTS AND AIRPORTS completely before we regret. Give UGANDANS one week to prepare for national residential LOCKDOWN.

The army should swing in then to enforce guided movements of say one person per household to access either shops or hospitals. Put up helplines for people to call in case of signs and symptoms.

What has hit the rest of the world will, by all means, hit UGANDA but STRONG TIMELY measures might minimize the impact to suit our economic capabilities to fight back.

Ugandans are moving in and out of the country to already effected Rwanda and Kenya yet if we look at the incubation period of the Coronavirus, the present tests cannot be accurate as there is a 30% gap/possibility of it not being detected within 14 days.

We need to stop public transportation like buses and taxis immediately. People should now be encouraged to stay in their homes this weekend.

We are going to face the worst as UGANDA because we don’t have the resources to handle this epidemic if it hits us massively which it will if we don’t move to stage two by this weekend.

Mr President, the committee comprising of different ministers of concerned areas like trade and transport and others has been formed but take the health minister as your first priority adviser as of now coz in such a committee, the health minister’s advise might be ignored by the committee as they might present an economic defence.

Bebe Cool

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