Former Kenyan NTV Newz Beat hip-hop storyteller, MC Yallah, born Yallah Gaudencia Mbidde has cried foul on behalf of returnees to the country over expensive quarantine facilities at the airport.

The Kenyan hip-hop star aired out her frustrations through her social media pages as she wondered how and why the Ugandan government is milking money out of its citizens as it forcefully takes them to hotels that are too expensive, and against their will.

She also stressed her disappointment in the speech that the state minister for health Hon. Jane Ruth Achieng gave to returnees while addressing them at the airport saying terming it as ‘arrogant’.

MC Yallah went on to request the Ugandan government to borrow a leaf from European countries on how they should quarantine returnees from countries with confirmed Coronavirus victims.

She further asked the government to at least quarantine returnees in cheaper facilities that they can afford.

Ugandan Government taking advantage of Corona virus by milking money out of it’s citizens how you take us forcefully to stay in hotels that are so expensive against our will?

We thought government would help us but no..we have to pay for the hotels and our own food ..other countries are taking care of there citizens but here it’s like we are the ones who invented Corona virus…the speech Achieng gave to us at the airport was so arrogant.

How do you tell us that we should have stayed in Europe instead of coming back home if we don’t want to abide by the rules..

I am really ashamed and embarrassed of this country..we arrived in Uganda yesterday at 2pm we slept at 4:00am in the morning..So shameful abantu tebaswalako????

My fellow Ugandans, family and friends please call out to this government to hear us out it’s citizens .Things are getting worse and the government should let us stay in hotels we can afford. Cos we can’t afford their hotels. We are so tired,and stressed out.Why Why?

MC Yallah

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