Fellow celebrities are not convinced and highly doubt that Lil Pazo’s car caught fire as the singer reported on Friday night when he recorded himself near a burning car.

On Friday night, local singer Mukasa Yasin a.k.a Lil Pazo shared a video of himself in front of what appeared to be a car burning to ashes and he revealed that it was his car that had caught fire.

Using a phone, the seemingly worried singer recorded the video in selfie mode as he shouted on top of his voice revealing how he had escaped without injuries as his car caught fire by the roadside.

Pazo revealed that he was traveling together with his friends for a burial in Ibanda when the car developed complications. They, however, quickly exited before it went ablaze.

The Genda Ogule Emotoka singer further reported that a couple of their items including phones and clothes were lost in the fire.

My brothers our car has caught fire. We were going to Ibanda. I am Lil Pazo Lunabe and my car has caught fire. We were going for a burial but it has burnt to ashes. All our clothes and phones have been burnt in the car.

Lil Pazo

When the video was shared on our platforms, several fans flocked the comment section with words of consolation. Others thanked God that the singer wasn’t burnt in the wreckage.

Fellow celebrities, however, including Exodus and Van Data were full of doubt about Lil Pazo’s reports. They questioned where he had got the phone which he was using to record himself if they had all burnt in the car.

Van Data: “Eh sorry bambi. Even phones perished in the car. Thanks to the owner of the one used to report.”

Exodus UG: “Where did he get the one he’s using to snap and report!!!!???? Just asking.”

Pazo has not yet said a thing since but we hope he is well.

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