All along we didn’t know that singer Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakaggubi had ‘long fingers’ not until fellow artist Lil Pazo opened our eyes.

While conducting a live Facebook video, Lil Pazo disclosed to the nation how Full Figure stole Barbie Kyagulanyi’s mobile phone and hid it in her undies on their visit to Magere for the first time.

The revelation comes after Full Figure accused Lil Pazo of conning and cheating several music promoters whenever he is booked to perform in distant areas.

When Lil Pazo was asked to respond to the allegations, he angrily threatened to thump Full Figure to pulp if he ever meets her face-to-face anywhere.

The Ggenda Ogule Emootoka singer went ahead to reveal how Full Figure ashamed him when he took her to Magere and she stole Barbie Kyagulanyi’s phone.

In efforts to try to call on the phone, it was off which forced Barbie to carry out a personal search on each and everyone who had visited. On thorough checking, Barbie found her phone in Full Figure’s undies.

According to Lil Pazo, this happened when Full Figure was still a staunch People Power supporter and they couldn’t disclose such deep secrets of their fellow supporter.

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