An upcoming songstress Nadia Rania is ready to drag renown Producer and Singer Daddy Andre to court for taking her money and refusing to be part of her music project on top of sexually assaulting her.

Nadia Rania has broken the internet with revelation that Daddy Andre asked for sex from her and kept touching her against her will when she went to his studio to record a song.

The two are said to have a collaboration which Daddy Andre forcefully added his voice to but refused to be part of the video even after she cleared the bills for the videoshoot.

Andre made me the very first song but it was so straining and I made him aware that, in the song, my voice was so strained. He said he knew it and he was waiting for a call from me.

Nadia Rania

Nadia further reveals that she went forward and requested the producer to make her another song instead and he accepted. She then went to his studio and recorded the song and left it at studio as the producer did the final touches.

She was however shocked to find out that Daddy Andre had added his vocals onto the song when she went back to pick the final audio and hence turned it into a collaboration, something which she hadn’t asked from him.

When I went back to get the song I found when he had added his vocals in the audio and it had become a collabo. I didn’t ask for a collabo from him. He told me that I had sang it well and caught his attention.

I said it was fine because it made me happy knowing that I had worked with a renown singer, producer and celebrity so it would help me breakthrough easily.

Nadia Rania

Little did Nadia know that she had plunged herself into a hungry lion’s den. When the time for the videoshoot approached, she asked him which video director they would work with but he rejected all those whom she proposed.

He told me that we’d work with Heights Montage and he sent me his phone number. I called Heights Montage and we agreed on the price for the shoot. I paid for everything on the set of the shoot including Andre’s outfits.

Nadia Rania

Nadia got the shock of her life when Daddy Andre didn’t turn up on the day of the shoot. He did not even call to communicate. Daddy Andre only called days later inviting the singer to his home and she obliged.

He called me to his home and I went with my manager. Upon reaching I discussed with him and I requested that we do the video and get it done with so he told me that we would do it.

Nadia Rania

Since then, Andre reportedly started avoiding Nadia’s phone calls and whenever she would text him on WhatsApp, he would beg to have sex with her.

He would call me telling me to go see him, saying that the weather was bad. With all the money and time I had invested in the project, he didn’t care. All he was asking for was to have a piece of me.

Nadia Rania

Listen to more of what she had to say:

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