Ykee Benda does not understand why prices for basic life items are being hiked during the COVID-19 period when people are stuck at home and not working. He urges the President to speak up against the act.

Everyone is trying their best to sensitize masses and make their opinions heard about the Coronavirus disease that has caused waves of deaths around the world.

The Ugandan government has already placed strict guidelines to ensure that people stay at home in quarantine as a way to avoid the rampant spread of the virus.

That has led to sudden shopping as people buy basic life items to help them live comfortably in their homes for over a month that the government issued as the period for the lockdown.

The prices of those goods have since been increased by the sellers as a way of maximizing profits and according to Ykee Benda, it is a wrong move that is already affecting people’s plans.

Tugume Wycliff a.k.a Ykee Benda, through his social media platforms, shared a video of himself explaining his stand in which he urged President Museveni to have a say about the increased prices on basic commodities.

Ever since we got this problem, many of our people are home not working. It’s very hard because all kids were sent back home in a time when their parents aren’t earning anything but it’s so disturbing that prices on things that are made here in Uganda have raised from the normal prices, making it so difficult for many people to survive in such a time.

Why? Why in a time when people are not working? Mr President Kindly help us and say something about this because if food isn’t imported then there’s no single reason for changing its prices. No reason for changing sugar, soap, salt prices yet they are made here.

Please say something because people will die even of not Corona. Let’s not be selfish guys. Think about others as u change prices. Don’t make more damages.

Ykee Benda

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