Artists demanding compensation are clowns, I’II pelt them with bottles – Mama Fiina

Local herbalist Sylvia Namutebi alias Maama Fiina had no kind words for artists who requested President Museveni for compensation over their canceled show. She labeled them “clowns”.

The vividly bitter Maama Fiina wondered how dense and stupid the artists are to be demanding compensation yet she expected them to reach out to the less privileged families with foodstuffs in toughs times like these.

She also revealed that she has now understood why such artists have always been pelted with bottles during shows as she also vowed to do the same if she gets a chance to be at a show and they step on stage.

In the same interview, she applauded Jennifer Full Figure as a woman of sense for always caring about the local people.

Mama Fiina went ahead and vowed to stop supporting local artists who don’t care about local people and yet brag and flaunt lots of cash in front of cameras which ends up hurting those who are suffering.

She made the statements as she was referring to Catherine Kusasira who first appeared in an interview asking the Head of State to compensate her before apologizing later to the public.

Maama Fiina kyakoze Catherine Kusasira!!

Maama Fiina agambye nti Catherine Kusasira ddiikuula ate nti mukulu nnyo amusinga n'obukulu. Mbu maama Fiina yakula alaba Kusasira ng'ayimba. Ayongeddeko nti agenda kumukuba obuccupa bwamusanga ku kivvulu.

Posted by MAT TEE on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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