An upcoming dancehall artist Jesca Pafra alias J-Pafra has again pinned multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Andrew Ojambo a.k.a Daddy Andre for pestering her for sex.

The Kasese-based artist put Daddy Andre on the spot as she was backing fellow upcoming singer Nadia Rania who recently came out and accused Andre of sexually harassing her.

While speaking in an interview, J Pafra explained that several established artists have a tendency to sexually harassing upcoming female artists even when they pay their money for a project.

J-Pafra went ahead to stress how she encountered a tough time while dealing with Daddy Andre for the first time when she went to his studios that were based in Najjera.

On reaching his home, J Pafra reveals that Andre took her to his dark studio and started touching and squeezing her body without her consent, something that left her disgusted until she lied to him and returned to the living room.

When Daddy Andre waited for her to return to the darkroom, she didn’t. He later also came to the living room where she was with her friend and since then she vowed never to return to his studios.

Many established artistes have a tendecy of using many upcoming female artistes. They use us even after we pay our money. I have a personal experience with Daddy Andre, I paid him Shs1.5m to record my song, then he asked that I go to his studio at home in Najjera.

When I reached his house, he took me to his dark studio and started touching touching me all over my body as well started squeezing me. I felt embarrased until I had to lie him and left the studio and refused to return until he met me in the living room. I succeeded but he took it personal thereafter.

J Pafra

She added that Daddy Andre intentionally refused to hand over her song demos to her as he continued to ask for sex.

J Pafra has now called upon the State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to intervene in the matters.

We upcoming artistes are suffering from these established artistes and producers, we are being used, they think we admire them or must sleep with them.

It is not only Daddy Andre, but there are also many more. So I call upon Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to intervene in to this matter.

J Pafra added

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