Number of artists accusing Daddy Andre of sexual harassment grows

Apparently, multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Andrew Ojambo alias Daddy Andre is not having the best of time in this Coronavirus quarantine period.

This is after a number of upcoming female artists accusing him of sexually harassing them in his dark studio has risen from two to five with one of them pinning him of infecting her with HIV/AIDS.

The claims started mid this week when an upcoming artist Nadia Rania appeared in a Spark TV LiveWire interview accusing the producer of pestering her for sex several times.

Thereafter, Daddy Andre defended himself by refuting the allegations and threatened to sue the singer.

Trouble escalated when a Kasese born dancehall artist Jesca Pafra alias J-Pafra also came out and pinned the celebrated producer of sexual harassment as well.

As J-Pafra’s concerns were yet to be addressed, three more upcoming female artists also joined the ever-growing list pinning Daddy Andre of sexual harassment.

The three other artists who joined the growing list include Kyle, Amber Christ Movie, and Cameroon-based Belgian singer Ayanash who claims that she was nearly raped by the producer.

Amber Christ shared Facebook screenshots claiming that she was sexually harassed by Daddy Andre and also infected her with HIV/AIDS because he had unprotected sex with her for a period of about two weeks.

Amber Christ

Another woman identified as Kyle also claimed that Daddy Andre impregnated her and told her to abort the baby. She claims that he also kept on sending threatening messages until she got a miscarriage.

Below are some of the screenshots that the supposed victims have released in accusation of Daddy Andre’s sexual harassment antics.

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