Zari Hassan is at it again as she fires back at the critics who always question her role as a mother to her kids on top of always criticizing how she lives her life.

It is rare to come across gist about East African celebrities and their lifestyles and you fail to read something about Zari Hassan a.k.a Zari the Bosslady.

Most times however, she is on the receiving end of top criticism usually regarding her relationships, revealing fashion, and things to do with how she is so naked around her children.

The South Africa-based Ugandan socialite has always hit back at such criticism and this time, she is really fed up of people always poking their noses in her private life.

The mother of five has done the most in sharing videos showing her daily life during the quarantine period as South Africa is on lockdown to enable the government combat the spread of COVID-19.

In most of the videos, she is seen dressed quite too revealingly amidst her four sons and daughter. A lot of the comments on those posts caution her to cover up most of her body when around kids.

Zari believes that it is none of her followers’ business how she dresses around her children. She reveals that she is a caring mother and at such a young age (39), she can do whatever she wants since she has the wealth as well.

Zari, through a video shared in her social media stories, revealed that the luxurious life she is living is deserved and critics should never expect her to live like their old mothers who keep sweating in the gardens.

Given the fact that we are in quarantine, I have a lot to talk and less to do. We girls who gained our wealth and families so earlier, this is the life that every one should be experiencing; having adorable houses, driving luxurious rides and have nothing to worry about.

But I’m disappointed by haters always criticizing my personal life on social media. Do you prefer watching over while I’m sweating in gardens like your mothers?


I think I haven’t yet clocked that level since the life of a Boss Lady most especially when you have enough dimes is a bit different, the things I’m doing with my children are never questionable after all I’m not ready to be doing garden work with your mothers.

If you aren’t a fan of my personal life, just unfollow me on my entire social media platforms since I’m not ready to be depressed during this time of quarantining.

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