Laura Karungi, a.k.a Ainebintu, has not yet managed to get her career going as yet despite her ability to sing. She took a break from music because most of her projects are stuck with Producers and Videographers whom she has refused to offer sex to.

Of late, you must have come across various stories as a couple of female artistes accusing Daddy Andre of begging sex from them whenever they go to his studio to record.

The revelation which began with a one Nadia Rania has seen several females, mostly upcoming artistes, turn up with screenshots and other sorts of evidence pinning the renown producer to Sexual Harassment.

In January 2019, Ainebintu vowed to expose the various players in the music industry who have exploited her sexually as payment for their services towards promoting her music career.

Her revelation never came to light and she reveals that it is because she is still afraid of taking that step since she has lots of music stuck in studios just because she refused to offer her body to Producers, Videographers, and some Singers.

I have so many projects with different producers that just want sex from me but I’ve refused to pay them and that’s why my music is stuck. I refused to give them sex.


While speaking to this website, Ainebintu revealed that there are some key players in the industry that a female artiste would also desire to have sex with and if it is done with consent then there’s nothing wrong with it.

She further urges those females who are thinking of joining the industry to come prepared to give whatever they can so as to prosper because the males will always ask for sex if you do not have enough money to pay for their services.

The industry is for strong women with talent, connections, resilience, and lots of money. You should be willing to give anything.


Listen to more of what she had to say:

Ainebintu has been around, underground, backing artistes and performing cover songs at a couple of night hangouts. She has released a few of her own original compositions, the likes of; ZzinaTuzilyeKyensaba, and Kwata Wano.

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