The past few days have brought considerable reason to question the purpose of human existence.

When the Head of State banned all places of social and public meetings other ‘big-headed’ fellows decided to continually and recklessly flout the social distancing rules which is infuriating.

This led to the use of force in some places where many were flogged by security forces, leaving the sensible public resting safe in the knowledge that experts are experts for a reason, and ignoring them is not best advised.

Well, it turns out that some of the biggest violators are having to learn these lessons by hook or crook and among them is Kawala’s-based Revival Church leader Pastor Augstine Yiga.

In an interview with Spark TV’s LiveWire show, Pastor Yiga uttered recklessly of how the deadly COVID-19 disease does not exist in Africa and that it’s just the usual common flu.

His words stirred mixed reactions among the public which got him arrested. Apparently, he is behind bars for spreading wrong information to his followers.

Since he got detained, Light The World Church Ministries Pastor Wilson Bugembe believes that the fellow pastor should be forgiven and rather checked in at Butabika hospital because he might be mentally ill.

Pastor Bugembe reasoned that Pastor Yiga should be checked in at Butabika hospital stating that for long he has also been confusing them as pastors with his reckless way of doing things.

Below is the video as Pastor Bugembe pleaded to security forces to forgive and take Pastor Yiga to Butabika hospital.

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