Daddy Andre’s former manager Edwin Jingo alias XJ da Trigger who was accused by Andre’s ex-lover Angella Katatumba of stealing the producer’s car and money has responded to the allegations.

XJ da Trigger hit back in defense by claiming that Katatumba totally shattered his friendship and trust with the multi-talented artist thus making him run bankrupt.

He went ahead to explain that ever since Katatumba came into Andre’s life around November 2019, everything took a different direction as Andre went off the script yet he had bettered his lifestyle.

XJ da Trigger furthermore stated how Daddy Andre spent almost Shs80m on a broke Angella Katatumba and reached a point where he withdrew all his cash from his bank account after Katatumba told him how bank accounts are not a safe place to keep his money.

He also felt pity for Daddy Andre as he stressed that the producer will be heading back to his home village with nothing show since he is now at zero after slay queens chewed all that he had been left with.

What separated me with Daddy Andre were issues concerning with women. Ever since Angella Katatumba came in my relationship with Andre, everything got disorganized and our trust vanished just because of her.

Katatumba pushed Daddy Andre to the extent that we couldn’t ride with him in the same car yet we were going for the same show as well as branding me as a bad person.

Now, I have come out to clear the air about the theft allegations made against me by that woman (Katatumba) because am tired and fed up of her nonsense of calling me a thief yet I know her as a dangerous thief because she stole from my artist.

She stole almost each and everything that belonged to Daddy Andre and he is also soon going back to the village. She claimed that Andre spent on her over Shs20m but he could have even spent about Shs80m on her.

In fact, she asked him to withdraw all his money from the bank account reasoning that banks are not safe and Andre kept the money at home under his pillow as they chewed it.

Truthfully speaking that woman has no money. She is actually broke and right now she is just popular because of the family name Katatumba but she herself is too broke.

XJ da Trigger

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