Pallaso advises public to reduce on the fornication rate during COVID-19 crisis

Sucker Free boss, Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso sent out a very educative piece of advice to each and everyone, advising the public to reduce on fornication during this COVID-19 crisis.

The Akomelerwe singer called upon the nation to at least reduce the rate of fornication while speaking in an interview. He urged the public to follow the experts’ advice of staying at home to curb on the spread of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Pallaso also noted that it may seem hard but at the moment it is highly required for each to at least stay home because the current pandemic that has put the world on its knees, it spread by humans.

Hey, my fellow Ugandans please let’s reduce on fornication during this period. Though I know it is not easy but let’s at least stay home. The hard thing that still buffles me is that I don’t know he created Fornication because it is not easy to abstain from fornicating.


He also urged fellow artists who are receiving phone calls to perform at a gathering of about 10 people to keep calm until the pandemic is fought out completely.

Pallaso also explained how he has so far managed to keep in contact with his brothers and family despite taking quite long without seeing one another face-to-face.

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