Ugandan singer Ykee Benda has called upon the Head of State President Museveni to order the Local Defense Unit personnel to cane people who are found jogging in big numbers.

When President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ordered a 2-weeks curfew during the 32-days lockdown, many people felt the urge to devise means of staying healthy and keeping their bodies in shape during this COVID-19 period.

Jogging is one of the ways that people have massively embraced to stay fit and most people go out on the streets from 4pm to around 6:30pm to jog before getting back to their homes to oblige to the curfew which starts at 7pm.

In keeping fit, however, most of them have completely ignored the measures that were set to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus including keeping a distance of 1 meter apart from each other.

Most people on the streets jog in big numbers, so close to each other and this has been identified as a way through which the virus might go on spreading from one home to another despite the curfew and lockdown.

To limit that, singer Ykee Benda has urged the president to order the LDU personnel to go out on the streets and cane whoever is found jogging in large crowds. He tweeted as below:

Your excellency Kaguta Museveni please send, as many as you possibly can,, LDU guys with kibooko (emipeera to be specific) Cane these jokes of Ugandans…What sort of social distancing is this ?…..I am there right now now…Over!

Ykee Benda | Twitter

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