Singer Lydia ‘Jazmine’ Nabawanuka is without a doubt one of the most good-looking female artists in Uganda today and boast a pool of followers who crush on her including fellow celebrities.

Just only last year, we saw a couple of renown celebrities almost flex for her on social media including Big Tril who then had an African anthem in ‘Parte After Parte’, and The Mith.

Recently, Bruno K has been in the media after rumors spread claiming that he is involved in a romantic affair with NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe something that he has often refuted.

He reached the extent of even composing a song for the NTV news anchor titled ‘Faridah’, something which stirred the rumors even more.

The Drink One For The Road hit singer seems to have outgrown his lust for Faridah Nakazibwe, however, and has now set his sights onto fellow artist Lydia Jazmine.

The update comes through after Bruno K shared a video clip of Lydia Jazmine jamming to his Faridah song which he captioned, “I think Lydia Jazmine is the hottest female artist”.

His confession triggered mixed reviews among his followers when we scrolled through his comment section as many of them bashed him whereas others complimented Lydia Jazmine.

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