Following the video clips and photos that have been spreading showing Ugandans jogging in crowds in this Coronavirus outbreak, many people have aired out their thoughts about the act.

The act that increased rapidly forced security authorities to put a halt on public jogging around the country in order to curb on the spread of the deadly COVID-19 disease since many were not following the passed guidelines.

NBS TV After5 show presenter Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats who seemed bitter and angry about people jogging in crowded areas had no kind words for anyone involved in the act.

He took to his socials and called upon people who jog in crowded places not to act as ‘educated fools’.

MC Kats slammed people who have been jogging in groups reasoning that the western countries are banking on Africans to die like flies and of which these people are trying to portray.

How do you support LDUs flogging traders but think it’s ok for you to go jogging in crowds? You are actually more dangerous because you are doing it for the fun of it and you feel bored so you don’t give a danm to the impact of your actions. We need to be in this together to win it. In this time be really mindful of social distancing if you are to step outside, Avoid crowds but you think it’s ok to jog in crowds! Come on Pips let’s use our brains. Don’t get your friend or family member to go with you to take those pics people are posting everywhere in active wear, especially if you live in apartments, if you pick up the virus that means the whole complex can get infected including the ones patiently following the rules. see how selfish this new trend of “jogging” can be?! The thing is western countries are banking on Africans to die like flies, don’t make this possible by being an educated fool.

MC Kats

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