Full Figure went ham on local Comedian Patrick Idring Salvado whom she accused of being very selfish and inconsiderate of the needy people in Uganda during this COVID-19 period.

By the end of this COVID-19 wave, we shall have known all the information regarding celebrities especially those who have received money from President Museveni like Patrick Salvado. Full Figure is spilling the secrets.

Full Figure claims that several celebrities who always claim to have money have coiled their tails during the time when they should be actively sending out financial help to the fans who have always supported them in their careers.

Shooting ‘Em Down: Full Figure

The motor-mouthed Presidential Adviser intentionally picks on Patrick Idringi Salvado whom she claims received money to the tune of Shs 1 billion when he visited President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at State House.

Full Figure, through a clip that has been going viral online, claims that Salvado is very selfish and he did not share a single cent of the 1 billion with anyone once he received it.

The songstress seems really irked by the fact that even with the money that Salvado received, he is still asking the government to compensate artistes for the losses they are incurring during the lockdown.

Patrick Idring Salvado

Full Figure further states that nobody should feel special in such times because every person has been affected by the lockdown including the government and hence we should only be looking for ways to get through it together.

Salvado, when Mzee gave you money worth Shs1billion, who did you share it with? Whom have you ever helped? You didn’t help anyone but you just went to the old woman who married you with children.

You want the government to compensate your money but what of the parents who have been taking their children to school? Will their money also be given back? Do you want to say that the government didn’t make losses? This issue has affected everyone, it does not discriminate the rich from the poor.

Full Figure

She further question how a sane man can go ahead and support the Local Defense Unit personnel to harass and torture people at such times when we all need each other.

Listen to more of what what had to say below:

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